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4 Steps to the Hail Repair Process

We understand that dealing with hail repairs can be a real hassle! Our certified technicians and insurance experts are here to help with the process from start to finish!

We Offer:

  • Pick Up & Drop Off from Home or Office

  • Rental Concierge - If you have rental coverage on your policy, we set it all up for you!

  • Free Loaner Cars for Customers Without Rental Coverage!

STEP ONE: Call Your Insurance Company and File Your Claim

Some insurance companies also allow you to file your claim online or on their app! This should be a quick process and all you will need to verify is which vehicle or vehicles on your policy were affected by the hail storm as well as the date and time. Your insurance representative may ask you to submit photos or a video walkaround of your vehicle as well. The end result of this first step is to generate your CLAIM NUMBER.

STEP TWO: Call the Repair Facility of YOUR Choice & Schedule a Time for Repairs

You have the right to choose whichever repair facility you want! Your insurance company may tell you to go to a specific shop- this is what is referred to as steering. You do not have to go with that shop and you can designate a different shop of choice for your claim. We work with ALL insurance companies- so don't worry about a thing! With your claim number in hand, we can take care of everything!

STEP THREE: Bring Your Claim Number & Drop Your Vehicle Off for Repairs

We will do a complete and thorough estimate the day your vehicle drops off and document everything based on your specific insurance company's guidelines. Some insurance companies work completely virtually while others come to the shop to go over everything. We know what every insurance requires and will handle it all for your accordingly! We will submit everything to your insurance company and get the approval needed for the final green light on repairs. This includes dent counts, necessary body labor, and all functions related to a proper hail damage repair.

STEP 4: Depending on the Severity, Your Vehicle Will Be Done in 3-10* Days

Some repairs require things like glass & parts replacements. We can handle it all in-house. We have local body shop partners to handle any paint & body work that may need to be done as well. We are truly your one stop shop!

Quality Repairs to Last a Lifetime

We do everything the right way and through proper channels to get you the best quality repair out there. All of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty. We look forward to helping you get those dents out and getting you back on the road!

*3-10 Days is an average ballpark for repairs. Sometimes we can get them done in as little as 1 day on straightforward repairs.


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